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Funny. For a girl.

To be noted: Please believe me when I say that the following is reported with great humor and that no ill-will is wished toward the guilty party who is actually a good friend of mine.

I'm not one of those people who boo-hoo that comedy is a boys' club.  I much prefer to think of comedy as more of a funny-people club.  That's why when a booker asked me to do a show in these exact words, I had to chuckle.  And I quote:
"We like to put a female between the comedians in the line-up of our show."

That means, in this booker's mind, the show's line-up goes something like this:

  1. Comedian

  2. Comedian

  3. Comedian

  4. Female

  5. Comedian

  6. Comedian

I think that's a little awesome.  This guy was just so blunt.  But I didn't mind.  He was, after all, asking me to be in his show, which means I'm doing something right, ya?

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