I'm getting super famous and the world outside my couch is finally noticing!  Here's what the press is saying about Carrie Gravenson.

Comedy Spotlight: Carrie Gravenson

CBS Local: Man Cave Daily
March 27, 2014
by Brendan McGinley

MCD: Carrie Gravenson is a New York City comedian and she’s good at it.


Funny Women: An Interview with Pink Collar Comedy
March 21, 2014
by Liza Donnelly

CG: Some people like peperoni and some people like mushrooms. But at least we all like coffee.  Sweet sweet coffee.


Carrie Gravenson: "My Pain Equals Your Laughter"

The Man FAQ
June 5, 2013
by Tony Castleberry

TC: And the parking lot/big balls story, that was a real life thing too, wasn’t it?
CG: I mean, in real life I didn’t actually touch anyone’s testicles.


Nightlife Spotlight: Stellar Standup Comedy in Western Queens

January 1, 2013
by Danielle McClure

How do Queens audiences rate to Manhattan or Brooklyn crowds? Carrie: “At The Laughing Devil Comedy Club here in Long Island City, you’re more likely to find Queens locals.  ‘What’s-the-deal-with-the-7-train?’ jokes are more likely to hit in a Queens venue. (Don’t steal my bit, that 7-train material is GOLD!)  In Manhattan clubs, you’d have to adjust the content to appeal to a Swedish tourist.”


Carrie Gravenson joins the She Devil Comedy Festival this weekend


Into the 'Temple of Comedy'

March 8, 2012
By Maxine Simpson

The paper version of the Daily News is different from the web version, as is each borough.  My giant face was in the paper version of the Queens version.  It counts! 


The X Factor: Carrie Gravenson

Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy
April 8, 2011
by Brandon T. Snider

Bottom line; Carrie Gravenson is funny. Find out where she is and what she’s doing and go see her…doing stand-up preferably…don’t watch her in her kitchen or bathroom. Though I hear she’s hilarious in both those places."