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Guess where I am.

I'm in Chelsea, Michigan. Home of Jiffy Mix. THE Jiffy Mix. You don't have a reason to be too jealous because it's not open for tours on Saturdays so I can't even get inside to sample the sweet sweet mix fresh off the line.

Chelsea is like an hour west of Detroit. I will see Detroit later today. I'm hoping that every stand up comedian's take on Detroit is accurate. If they aren't exaggerating the horror, I will have comic material for months to come. Poor Detroit is the butt of so many jokes: it's dangerous, it's dirty, it's ugly, the sports teams are terrible and the politicians are corrupt.

Many moons ago, I was upset that my then-recent-ex had found a new girlfriend before I'd found a new boyfriend. A good friend of mine was comforting me. I whined, "Ugh, I can't believe he's dating someone. She's from Detroit of all places!" And my friend laughed and said, "Detroit? Oh, don't worry! The murder rate is so high there, she'll be dead any minute now!" It was enormously comforting.

Wish me luck!

Broadway Comedy Club on April 17th.

Last night's Gotham show.