Broadway Comedy Club on April 17th.

If I had three wishes they would be these:

1) That you come see me perform on Thursday.

2) That I have the power of invisibility and that my invisibility would include being able to walk through things. I would use this power to get rich from blackmailing rich people. Eventually, having lots of ill-gotten money would be unsatisfying and I would then use this superpower for good instead of evil. But before that, it would be a wild ride and you'll all wish you'd come to my show so that I would think you were my friend and you could mooch off my invisibility blackmailing monies.

3) That I have perfect teeth.

Make my first wish come true, won't you?

Broadway Comedy Club
9pm -- doors open at 8:15pm
318 West 53rd Street @ 8th ave
Make reservations: 212.757.2323