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Last night's Gotham show.

The Gotham show last night went well enough. My throat is still not feeling 100% better so it was good to know that I could perform a set and not get booed off when I'm not feeling my very best physically. It's also good to know that getting a tonsillectomy can provide about 10 minutes of material. I wonder if other surgeries would provide as much. Does my appendix look frail to anyone else?

One joke that completely didn't fly was when I said that I felt bad for the germs that used to live and work in my tonsils because they are now homeless and jobless. And they can only collect unemployment for six months before they have to find another organ to infect. I thought that was pretty damn funny when I wrote it but it bombed on stage. I have no idea why. That's comic gold! Germs aren't people!

Comedy handAnyway, here is a picture of my stage hand. For new material open mics, I bring my little note pad on stage but for shows, I write my notes on my hand as I was taught at my first Gotham appearance. It's a cheat sheet and my security blanket. And I think it looks sexy.

Guess where I am.

The Baby Shower.