It happens to everyone.

Drunk guy.My performance at Broadway Comedy Club was interesting.  Of the 8 minutes of stage time I had, I'd say that about 7 of those minutes were made up of completely new material.  New material is tricky.  On the one hand, I never want to be a comedian that does the same set word-for-word year after year, thus boring the fans, but on the other hand, it's hard not to perform something you know is killer.   I went for mostly new stuff and hoped for the best.  Some was good, some wasn't.  So it goes.

The crowd was a little more restless than I'm used to.  There was a loud drunk guy in the back of the room.  My friends in the audience told me that if I had gone up one comedian later, he would have been quiet because he finally got sick and needed to be dragged to the bathroom by his friends.  I wouldn't give him the title of "heckler," per se, but he was a distraction.  I still have yet to be officially and directly heckled while performing.  *knock wood*  (That's NOT an invitation to heckle me.)

As I've mentioned, I write the bullet points of my set on the back of my hand so if I lose my place, I can craftily look down and get back on track without the audience being the wiser.  Well, on Thursday, I lost my place, casually looked down and realized I couldn't read what the fuck I wrote on my hand.  For what seemed like 50 seconds, I just stared at my hand like a freak.  I wonder if people thought I fell asleep.  Finally, I realized what it said and started in on my next joke.  It was agony.  And it completely threw me.  When I watched the tape later, it's really only about 4 seconds.  It's amazing what a mere 4 seconds of silence can do on stage. Oy.

I hear it happens to everyone.  And it could have been a lot worse.  I'm glad I got it out of the way and that I survived and that most of my set got laughs.   That's new material for ya.  A wild adventure.