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Lounging at the Laugh Lounge.

My set at the Laugh Lounge on Saturday went really well.  The stars aligned just right and my comedic timing and delivery was on.  It was a good night and I felt very good about it.  This begs the question: After a good night, is it best to be cocky or humble?  Because too much of either is totally annoying.  I try to get the right mix and say something like, "The audience was very kind and generous to laugh and clap at my amazing and unique hilariousness."  Or, "They must have made the drinks strong so the audience was loose enough to recognize my incredible geniusocity."  See that—cocky, yet humble.

I just realized that the words cocky and humble both have smaller words in them that could be references to oral sex on a boy.  So maybe I shouldn't feel either because it's just too suggestive and would drive my male audience members crazy.  Oh, I said member.

Anyway, I'm gearing up for the May 13th show at Gotham.  I'm very excited because my college roomie will be coming into town for one night only to see me since I've told her how mind-bogglingly funny I am.  When there's a kind audience.  And the stars align.

The most played out joke ever.

It happens to everyone.