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The baby.

You think about it. You plan it. You talk about it with those closest to you. The pros, the cons, the fears, the hopes, and the expectations. Most friends encourage you. Some friends discourage you. You judge people who’ve done it before. You think about how you’d do it differently, better. You take notes on that they did right and wrong. You get advice from people you trust and even some advice from random strangers on the internet. Finally, you decide to do it and you want to tell the world: You’re becoming a vegetarian! No, wait: You’re having a baby! No, wait: You’re producing your own comedy show! THAT’S what I’m doing. (Those first two things are for nut-bags.*)

That’s right. The time has come. I’m producing my own monthly show. My goal is to create the kind of comedy show that I’d want to go see. I want it to be cheap for the patrons, relaxed for the comics, and fun for everyone. And, most importantly in a comedy show, I’m booking comics that I think are funny and want to see more of. I’m selfish that way, I guess. I gave a lot of thought to the venue and I think I found the perfect place. Stone Creek is a awesome bar/restaurant with a great back room and surprisingly good food.

Each month will have a theme topic to get the ball rolling. April’s theme is terrible advice. Giving it or getting it or the results of either. I can’t wait to hear the cringe-worthy stories. My show is at 7pm so you can have dinner while you watch the show and the food counts as the drink minimum. It’s really the perfect show and I’m so excited that I birthed it myself. Won’t you come out and have a drink and a laugh with us?  It's a christening!

Disruptive Influence Comedy Show
Thursday, April 8, 2010
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Stone Creek
140 E. 27th St. (Off Lex.)
FREE SHOW! 2 drink minimum; food is a drink

Hope to see you there. Bring a few friends!

*PS: Just kidding about people having babies and being vegetarians being nut-bags.  If it's one class of people you don't fuck with, it's vegetarian parents.  Talk about pent up rage.  Yikes.

Come to my show!

Ima be, Ima be, on ya phone.

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