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Birthday love: The final tally.

Well, I just wouldn't be me if I didn't track every little detail of my life.  I was curious about how many birthday wishes I got on my Facebook wall.  (Curiosity?  Really?  That's what it was?  Or was I motivated by ego alone?  I'm weak.  Don't judge.)  So I started counting and realized that "birthday wishes" are indeed a loose term.  Do "Have a great day!" and "Ur old" and "Get drunk tonight!" technically count as "birthday wishes"?  I mean, does the word "birthday" need to appear for it to be a birthday wish?  I have no idea.  I got some wishes in other languages that I can only assume are happy birthday wishes.  (I mean, death threats in Latin on my birthday would be just plain mean, right?)  And here it is:

I got roughly 212 messages of happy wishes on my birthday.  Roughly 17% of my total friendship roster.  Is that good?  Is that a lot?  Of course, there's no way to know because I'm the only winner cool enough to tally up birthday love.  Did it work?  Do I feel loved yet?

The words are either this or that. I'm not sure.

Happy new year! For me.