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How many funny Williamses are there?

Apparently, a lot.  I collected them and gently tricked them into performing all together for one night only.  They are all amazingly funny and I'm so psyched to be the one bringing them together.  This show is my gift to humanity.

So please come check it out!

The Williamses Show:

A Williams-based comedy show starring only the best Williamses NYC has to offer:

Elaine Williams
Justin Williams
Kath Williams
Kevin J. Williams
Neruda Williams
Chao Williams

Tuesday, February 2nd
The Richmond Shepard Theater
309 East 26th Street (off 2nd Ave.)
$9, no drink min.

Click here for the Facebook event.

Also, check out my super cool flier with fancy purple stars and drop shadows and everything.  Who says PowerPoint 2007 has nothing to offer?

See you there, friends!

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