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Sick as a dog, happy as a log.

So, I performed last night at Gotham with a raging head cold.  I think it went well enough.   I thought that the sound of my squeaky nasally voice would be enough to make people laugh but turns out, no one knows what I sound like normally so the this-is-the-sound-of-my-voice joke didn't get a laugh.  Go figure.

Cold medicine or no cold medicine?  Cold medicine would make me feel better but might make me stupid.  No cold medicine might make me feel worse and the illness might be already making me stupid.  What to do?  In the end, I went with no cold medicine.  And I'm happy to report that I chose wisely.  And any stupidity that resulted was unrelated.

Hopefully, I'll be better by next week.  I'm really excited about this upcoming show.  I've been to The Duplex several million times in many different capacities (but never technically on stage) and I've never not had a good time when I'm there.

On the Rocks with Danny Leary
The Duplex
Thursday, October 23rd
61 Christopher Street (at 7th Ave)
Reservations: (212) 255-5438
$10 + 2 drinks

Look, I've bolded it.  That means I'm shouting it.

See you there!

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