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How to eat bell peppers in 8 easy steps.

This recipe has been tried and true.  I'm passing it along to my readers.  Enjoy! Figure 1

  1. Buy two (2) bell peppers: one red and one yellow.
  2. Refrigerate bell peppers for two (2) hours.
  3. Slice them up lengthwise and arrange them artfully in a bowl. Go for “playful” rather than “attractive” in the arrangement (see Figure 1).
  4. Put bowl of arranged bell peppers on coffee table or side table.
  5. Pretend that company will be over any minute for a party. (Vacuum, dust and light candles if necessary to convince your brain that company will really be here very shortly.)
  6. Walk in and out of the room, look at bell peppers each time and say to yourself: “No. You cannot eat these delicious, cold, crunchy, juicy bell peppers, they are for company only.  You have to wait for the guests to arrive.  You can’t have any.  No.”
  7. Repeat #6 until your craving for bell peppers has rendered you powerless.
  8. Eat all bell pepper slices.

And you're done!  Enjoy the health benefits of peppers any time!

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